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Gharas Commercial business is an innovative Establishment with the focus on Real State, technology and Food & Beverage sectors. Driven by motivated and well-experienced team who are eager to make your lifestyle experience something different than the norm. Gharas concern is to develop and invest in developing way of habitat, the kind of nourishments eaten or the way receiving information. Gharas can make this experience innovatively different and up scaled.

Technology & Media

In a fast moving digital environment, where an online presence is a must for established companies، Gharas seized the opportunity to provide creative web solutions through “S82 Studio” to be one of the companies in the region in investing and developing creative products in the digital world.

S82 Studio is the technology & media division for Gharas Commercial Business. Which provide different online services and web development. S82 Studio is affiliated with creative establishments in Europe & the Middle East to provide branding solutions, digital investments and concept building as well.


Trendy List is an online hub that is always on the search to showcase selective, hip & extraordinary elements from the Arabian Gulf region and the Arab world.

We discover different aspects of lifestyles, and on the look out for every thing new, innovative & exiting. From Fashion designers & designs, art and artist, architecture, destinations, music, stores, technology and entertainment.


72hrs was established to help enterprises and entities who have taken e-marketing and e-commerce as an interface for their projects. Having a website for any facility has become a key factor to reach to the largest number of users and also helps to emerge in search engines, which is the first stop for the end user or customer to search for products or services they desired.

Food & beverage

In a fast growing environment, where Restaurants & cafes is an entertainment scene, and the social environment being based on family & friends gatherings while a good meal is served. Gharas food & beverage division is concerned to give and exceptional.

Gharas Commercial Business goal is to be one of the fastest growing operators in F&B sector in Saudi Arabia and MENA region. Focusing on delivering food and services that exceeds its customers' expectations. By developing and maintain a strong brands with international standards of quality of food & beverages is the company priority.

Gharas will be investing continuously to offer more creative products and excellent dining experiences. With a first venture to launch in mid 2014.


Our goal is to hire talented individuals who both fit and enhance our corporate culture with their experience, aspirations and genuine enthusiasm. Ours is a service-oriented profession and we realize we can only be as good as the people we hire. Therefore, we only hire the best.

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